E Marketing Strategies

E Marketing Strategies And The Important Role It Plays In Your Internet Business

E marketing is plainly defined as the marketing of products or services over the Internet. It brings new way on how we define marketing in the traditional sense. E marketing is an interactive avenue over traditional marketing, allowing customers to interact directly with merchants or advertisers through feedback e marketing strategies implement, such as electronic feedback through emails.

Today e marketing adds a new twist on how one defines marketing. Many sources define marketing through four elements (the 4 Ps) in the marketing mix, the product (which is seen as the solution for client), the promotion (information that needs to be disseminated to targeted audience), the price (which is the value of the product) and the placement (where these products can be found). E marketing alters the 'placement' element, as clients and customers do not have tangible access to the product before purchase. E marketing eliminates the middle man (distributors) and the physical space needed to display products, it lowers the costs for distribution to a global audience.

e marketing strategies, like traditional marketing, focuses on the same marketing mix principle of Product, Price, Promotion and Placement. E marketing strategies are unique because it also throws into the mix a more personalized interaction between the business and clients, provides clients with a more private ‘shopping' experience, interactive customer service experience and community access through forums and groups.

Some e marketing strategies that are implemented by many a web site marketing company include, creative direct mail, advertising on line, and pay per click search engine advertising, amongst others. Successful e marketing strategies are able to recognize and identify customers in order to establish one of the fundamental aspects in marketing, which is a ‘personal relationship' with customers. A web site marketing company that is able to do this can then customize and personalize products and services to cater to the needs of customers and foster a long term mutually beneficial relationship. Another aspect in e marketing strategies is customer privacy not in the sense that the client does not need to head out to a supermarket to make a purchase, and can do this from the privacy of the home, which is a plus, but also privacy on the data that is collected by merchants. Information that is gathered and stored helps with the personalization mentioned afore hand, but also cast questions about how this information will be used and by whom. When implementing e marketing strategies, there is a need to create and develop a policy that dictates procedures involved when accessing these accrued information. A policy is a firm commitment by a company to protect the privacy and interests of its clients, and to assure them that information gathered are safe-guard.

E marketing strategies also encompass feedback from clients. Feedback, whether it is positive of negative is important to improve e marketing strategies. Through creative direct mail, businesses are able to interact with their clients by gathering feedback that are important for online businesses to gauge their performance and to make any improvement in products or services. Direct mail also helps entice returning customers with emails on promotions as well as new on new improved products and services.

Implementation of effective e marketing strategies is important for long term profitability for any internet business.