Direct Mailing Lists

Direct Mail Lists : Targeting The Right Group For Maximum Profit

Direct mail lists have come a long way from the old days of direct mail where advertisers send paper mail to all postal customers in a place. The term direct mail refers to communications that is solicited through postal mail, by direct marketing companies to reach out to potential consumers. For an operation with a small business marketing plan, it is important to optimize out reach to the right target segment, reduce cost of advertisement and obtain high profitability. This is where direct mail lists play a crucial role.

The internet is a source for businesses to find a mailing list provider. These providers specialize in providing mailing lists that comply with privacy policies and promises to be accurate. Individual mailing list provider also continuously update direct mail lists so that their clients can target the correct market. Their role is to accumulate, analyze, and optimize mailing lists for business with mutual profitability in mind.

Marketing consulting firms help companies target the dissemination of information of their services or products to potential customers that are most likely to respond. This involves database analysis by these marketing consulting firms, thus fine-tuning their direct mail lists to recipients with a higher conversion rate. Direct mail lists a way of acquiring new customers, and improving services to existing subscribers. Direct mail lists help businesses target a segment of clients that are more receptive of their communications. It helps address these customers at a more personalized level, allowing them to adjust according to their needs based on pass transactions. Even personalization on imagery (other than the message like salutations) will give customers a more personalized interaction with businesses. These personalizations also help with customer loyalty.

One example is the Nike marketing strategy. Nike is one of the world's biggest sellers of athletic footwear. It utilizes the same marketing mix of 4 Ps – Product, Price, Placement and Promotion. The one up Nike has over the competition though, is that it excels in promotion, able to target the right segment group through aggressive advertising and alignment with big names in the sports arena to create one of the world's most recognizable brand names. The company knows who to target and what makes consumers tick.

As a successful direct mail lists provider, one would also have to understand the basic needs and wants of consumers so as to provide a valued list. Direct mail lists through effective business-to-Business or b2b email marketing gives small business marketing plan an advantage through efficient use of money spent on advertising. Because it is specifically targeted and personalized, the chances of successful transactions are higher. Direct mail lists provider should know how to re-design the information gathered and tailor make it to fit a value that is profitable to the client's business and in turn improve customer loyalty.