Define Marketing

Putting A Twist On How To Define Marketing

How do you define marketing? Derived of course from the word market, with its origins from the act of going to the market to buy or sell goods and services, marketing is a process of identifying a need, through research and survey, creating and communicating a message to the masses that will offer a solution in fulfilling that need, that will ultimately create satisfaction for customers or clients.

To define marketing, you will need to understand the scope that which marketing encompasses. It covers, market research, which is what identifies customer/client needs, through to advertising (such as B2B mailing through direct marketing mailing list CPC (cost per click) advertising such as overture pay per click) which forms the creative wing of marketing. Advertisements work to create awareness of the masses to a product or service. Good advertisement will attract attention and even create a desire that will bring out an action (purchase).

Today internet marketing adds a new twist on how to define marketing. Many sources define marketing through four elements in the marketing mix, the product (which is seen as the solution for client), the promotion (information that needs to be disseminated to targeted audience), the price (which is the value of the product) and the placement (where these products can be found - in this case, online). Internet marketing however, pretty much alters the 'placement' element, as clients and customers do not have tangible access to the product before purchase. They are unable to touch or feel the product. This is compensated by credibility, and knowing that the product/services is guaranteed and is still accessible with just one click away. Because internet marketing eliminates the middle man (distributors) and the physical space needed to display products, it lowers the costs for distribution to a global audience. Internet marketing also provides a new way to define marketing, providing consumers with the ability to elicit instant response.

Demography also is a factor taken into account to define marketing in the traditional sense. Internet marketing almost if not totally, eliminates demography as it caters to specific behavior or interest of clients. Another way to define marketing on the internet is to make reference to methods customers use to engage interactively with the said business, through search engine marketing, search engine optimization, advertisements, e mailing marketing, direct marketing mailing list management, as well as management of user data collected.

There are many web marketing firm and consultancy that offer small business marketing ideas for many online entrepreneurs. Even they know how to define marketing to fit to the needs of these businesses. These web marketing firm will dabble in market research, and help businesses set out goals, budgets to create exposure for their products and services through advertising campaigns. They will package and co-ordinate these factors into an integrated direct marketing system, to cater to businesses.