Creative Advertising Agency

Applying The Right Strategies Through A Creative Advertising Agency

A creative advertising agency is a service that is task to create advertising for clients, which can include corporations, non-profit groups and government agencies. The first ever advertising agency in the US was opened by Volney B. Palmer in Philadelphia in 1850. His agency was put to task to place ads produced by its clients in various newspapers. The first creative advertising agency was created by James Walter Thompson, when he realized that he could attract more clients by providing them content development services. Thompson, who is credited as the “father of modern magazine advertising”, hired writers and artists to form the first known Creative Department in an advertising agency.

The role of a creative advertising agency has evolved over the century from print adds to online works in the world wide web. The internet provides new opportunities for a company to reach out to its targeted customers. A creative advertising agency help clients siphon out the pool of customers via application of online marketing mix that help develop a long term relation with customers and increase their lifetime value. Through their application of survey and research, they find out what are customer needs, and how a product (or services) provided by their client can do to fulfill those needs. A creative advertising agency will also look into how the extended features and benefits of these products and services can fulfill the wants of these customers and to establish a long term relationship to maximize the return of investments for their clients.

A creative advertising agency also provides clients with visibility on most major search engines through professional search engine marketing services, provide clients with email marketing campaign software that will help clients attract, inform and retain customers and ensure that any online advertising move by the clients receives optimal exposure to the right audience through research and survey on its internet web site advertising services. A creative advertising agency also provides clients with executable marketing plan outline to target the right demography of customers to the website. In total, a creative advertising agency will provide an online marketing mix that includes services for search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads, e-mail marketing (as mentioned above and internet marketing strategies.

Ultimately the goal of a successful creative advertising agency, is to enable the businesses of their clients to grow, and profit in the long-run through their use of creative advertising and marketing strategies. As they would for their clients, a creative advertising agency should be a long term partner for any businesses to provide services that will fulfill the need of its clients and create a mutually beneficial relationship.